Social Media: Got an iPad? Curious about SoMe? Read this!

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Picture: Logitechs solar powered iPad keyboard/folio. Couldn´t do without it. No more chargers, cables, contacts…

Leave your sad laptop at the desk, grab a cup of steaming hot black coffee, put your feet up – and start exploring App Store. Your iPad will soon be your favourite device for all of your Social Media acitivities.

Below are 10 apps I recommend you try out. You probably know some or most of them already? If not – go for it!

Here goes:

1) Tweetbot: The best Twitter app I´ve tried so far – and I have tried them all. (Follow @CatoHoberg on Twitter!)


2) Proinsights: Impressive, informative and slick app for LinkedIn-users with small/medium/average sized networks. Powerusers don´t even need to download – the app just crashes if your network is too big. For the rest of you: A «show-off» – app if I ever saw one. Cool.


3) about.me: The gateway. All your web presence at one site. As they say: «Make it easy for people to learn about you and find what you share»… (Visit http://about.me/CatoHoberg )


4) Followorks HD: Userfriendly «Twitter-follower-manager». Nice.


5) Blogsy: The best blogging app for iPad. (This article is posted by Blogsy on iPad).


6) Unfollow: Another Twitter «unfollow» tool. Handy.


7) Evernote & Dropbox: A marriage made in heaven. Makes your Ipad complete. Maybe not in the category SoMe-apps per se, but you just can´t do without them if you actively post/upload.


8) HootSuite: The most popular Social Media Management Dashboard. Be patient.


9) Klout: Measure your SoMe progress/influence. Quote: «Klout’s mission is to empower every person by unlocking their influence». Unquote. Visit http://klout.com/#/CatoHoberg


10) Flipboard: After you´ve installed and configured Flipboard, connected all your social media accounts and selected your interests, this app provides you with a streamlined, stunning presentation of all your streams/news feeds in a glossy «magazine» format. A must-have.



These are just some of the apps on top of my mind, the list could easily become huge. What´s your top ten? I would love to see your lists!

Comment: I take it for granted you have installed all the SoMe basics* before you consider this list. *Official apps for i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Xing, Viadeo – and of course WordPress if you´re a blogger…

Happy padding!


Social Media: 5 excellent (and free) Twitter tools

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Highly recommended:

1) SocialBro: http://www.socialbro.com (…“SocialBro allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of your Twitter community by allowing you to search for specific criteria within it.”)

2) ManageFlitter: http://manageflitter.com (…“ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter”)

3) Tweepi: http://tweepi.com (…“Tweepi helps you make sense of your Twitter social graph, with stats.”)

4) Bottlenose: http://bottlenose.com (…”Bottlenose provides live social intelligence for marketers by analyzing activity across all the major social networks. Use it to search, monitor, analyze, target, and engage in real-time.”)

5) JustUnfollow: http://www.justunfollow.com (…”is an easy way to manage twitter”)

I´m sure your presence on Twitter will improve radically after you´ve tried out (and got the hang of) the tools above. Good luck tweeting – and follow me @CatoHoberg on Twitter!

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