Social Media: Promising LinkedIn tool: Five Hundred Plus

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Five Hundred Plus is a personal CRM app that helps you cultivate your most valuable connections and always remember what you said to them last time you were in touch.

What is Five Hundred Plus?

Five Hundred Plus is an application that uses LinkedIn to help you make the most of your most valuable connections. You may have heard of «Customer relationship management» (CRM) applications used by companies to manage clients and leads. Five Hundred Plus is inspired by those tools but focuses on your own personal network, not your company’s. Our main objective is to help you track when you were last in touch with someone and when you should get back in touch so they don’t forget you. In essence, we:

  • Remind you to touch base with people by sending you an email
  • Help you keep track of when you got in touch with your contacts and what you said

Social Media: How to Make Your Website or Blog Mobile-Friendly

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First – click here: http://www.howtogomo.com/en-gb/d/test-your-site/#getmo-meter


Second – More info here: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-make-your-blog-mobile-friendly/ via @smexaminer

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