Many organizations have not applied the same efforts to inbound transportation management as they have to their outbound management, making it a great opportunity for efficiency and cost savings.

If you need a way to control your inbound process and interact with your suppliers, you may find that Centiro ( ) has just the solution you´re looking for:

With our Supplier Portal Value Pack, you provide your suppliers with a tool, enabling them to confirm and ship your orders on your carrier account numbers. This will not only give you early insight into the suppliers’ performance, but also visibility on all incoming shipments and related orders. As in the Centiro TM main modules, Carrier Compliance is an important part of this value pack. Labels, documents, and EDI integration are included to quality assure your inbound process.

The Supplier Portal Value Pack offers status-update opportunities back to your ERP system – i.e.; “Order Confirmed” and “Order Shipped” – this makes it possible to give your organization real-time information about Purchase Order Statuses.

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