This morning, I received the following question from Klout (www.klout.com ) : “What are the three most important pieces of advice you can give to someone who is new to social media?”

My answer was as follows:

1) Make up your mind; What do you want to achieve with your activity in the different SoMe channels? Then set up a rough strategy according to the above and follow it. Different strategies for different channels. LinkedIn, FB and Twitter will have to be handled very differently.

2) Focus. If you´re too broad or too general, you will drown among all the others. Stand out. What´s your particular niche? Home turf? Interests? Fields of expertise? What do you find interesting? Your readers will know…Who are the main influencers in your niche? Follow them, read them and share their best posts.

3) Less is more. Short, not long messages if/when possible. (Sometimes I struggle with my own advice here.) Quality. One post each day is better than three every third in my opinion…

Best of luck!

Cato Hoberg.